ADC Animal Damage Control
ADC Animal Damage Control
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Premiere Wild Animal Control Service in the Denver, CO Area

Is wildlife driving you batty? From raccoon and skunks to foxes and coyotes, wild animals near human habitations can be a problem. Animal Damage Control and Wild Managment, usually known as ADC, has been providing professional, humane wild animal control for more than 45+ years to keep you safe. We work with the state and numerous municipal entities to resolve and mitigate conflicts between humans and wildlife. Whether a raccoon and her kits have made a nest in your crawl space or a skunk is stinking up neighborhood dogs, our wild animal control service in Denver, CO, can safely trap and remove the animals to an area well away from human habitations. 

While raccoon and skunks can be a nuisance, other wild animals can be a real threat. Foxes have been known to attack and kill cats while a bold coyote might go after a dog or even a small child. ADC handles both nuisance wildlife and dangerous wildlife to keep you, your kids, and your pets safe. We use safe, live wildlife traps to catch the offending animals and then transport them well away from urban areas where their natural instincts won't harm humans. 

If you have an issue with wild animals encroaching on your home, call us at (303) 884-9100. 

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